Monday, October 09, 2006

The market in Athens Real Estate is continuing to thrive, in part because of the great publicity we keep getting through various publications such as CNN Money, Kiplinger, Progressive Farmer and others. They are noticing what we've known for awhile... Athens is a great place to live.

Located only one hour from Atlanta makes it easy to get to major events such as concerts, Braves baseball, shopping, and great restaurants. However, other than the Braves, we have it all here in Athens. The Classic Center has fabulous entertainers, plays and concerts. The restaurants in Athens are wonderful and the music all around town is lots of fun.

Our daughter takes trapeze classes and has several public performances with her class each year. This is at Canopy Studio and just recently as a downtown nightclub, Tasty World.

Every year in April, there is a huge bicycle race called the Twilight Criterium. They close off the downtown area and cyclist come from all over the country to compete. There is music, food, and various races throughout the day and evening.

"In The News"

Athens GA - "Seven Cool Cities" by Klipinger's Personal Finance Magazine
Athens GA - "Where to retire in style" by Ellen Florian Kratz

"Oconee County - ranked 3rd best places to live" by Jamie Cole

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