Saturday, January 12, 2008

Continuing Education at UGA

Twice a year, we get a catalog from The University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education. They offer a variety of classes for everyone. Some of the main categories are Business & Career Development (Accounting, Customer Serivce, Real Estate), Certificate Programs (Executive Coaching, Personal Proerty Appraisal), Creative Expressions & Personal Enrichment (Dance, Golf, Home Decorating, Wine Appreciation) and there is a lot more.

I have taken a couple of computer classes but the one I enjoyed the most was Feng Shui. I learned about colors and placement of objects to enhance good chi. There is a new course (just 1 session) being offered this time. Also, there is a course on Organizing and Preparing Your Home to Sell (Or Just Getting You Life in Order). That one sounds good to me.

You can also learn a new language, golf, photography, and real estate investing. The link to the catalog is

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