Thursday, April 24, 2008

Buyers Market

We have seen a slow down in sales in the Athens market... so, that makes it a great time for buyers. Not all sellers are going to be willing to sell their home at a reduced price but with a wide selection of homes on the market, it it easier for buyers to find a good deal. We have been working on "short sales" and some foreclosed properties lately. Unfortunately, these homes have an effect on all sales. In the newspaper last week, there were over 80 foreclosure properties listed. Hopefully, this will slow down soon and everyone can get back to a more predicitable market. But, for now, take advantage of a perfect time to buy. Interest rates are low and there are lots of homes on the market. Call (706) 296-4395 or e-mail us to get set up to receive new listings the same day they come on the market. Search the Athens MLS for your next home

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