Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Countdown to Kickoff

The third annual Countdown to Kickoff! charity event is in two weeks at the UGA practice fields.

Former UGA players Matt and Jon Stinchcomb and David Greene are hosting the event. Fans will be able to get pictures, autographs and run drills with current and former UGA and NFL players.

This fundraiser will be held on July 18 and 19th and is to benefit the following:

Georgia Transplant Foundation, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, The Children’s Tumor Foundation, and UGA’s Pediatric Exercise Motor Development Clinic

For more information, click here


Athens Yard Post said...

We love your blog and website!

Vancouver realtor said...

It's always great to see that sportsmen are trying to use their potential and marketing value to help raise money for those in need. I'm a fan of Vancouver sports and I'd love to see something simmilar happening in every major sports town. Sportsmen can really promote their sport and not only help little patients. But through promotion they can mobilize kids and interest them in sports and moving outdoors. This should be the #1 priority of these happenings.